Aaron Schock Used Campaign Funds For P90x

5 years ago

Some of you might be familiar with him, Aaron Schock is an Illinois congressman that got a bit more reorganization and fame for being one of the youngest congressman and for being on the cover of Mens Health. I didn`t know much about him and only knew him from reading the Mens Health issue at the time and some other posts online on him, not much more but recently while browsing in some news i found where he got his fundings for his workouts : his campaigns funds.

Aaron Schock is a great p90x fan and says that the 90-day strength training workout helped him get in shape. In case some of you don`t know, p90x is not exactly cheap and the dvd programs cost more than 100$+ and then there is the equipment, such as dumbbells that get pricey depending on the weights you want ( you can use resistance bands but a lot of people prefer dumbbells). All of that wasn`t from his own pocket but from his campaign, which seems to create a lot of controversy.
He have already spoken on the subject and denied those claims, but of course he would deny it and i don`t think anyone else expected him to confirm the rumors.

I think its great he wanted to get in shape and used the program but he should have payed from his own pocket. If his politics actually affected me ( different country) I wouldn`t really trust him to be in charge and to manage public funds, after this you would never know if he would use them for personal expenses ( probably wouldn`t be the first unfortunately).

<strong>What do you think of him using campaign funds to buy p90x workouts?
Do you also think he should have payed from his own money?
Would you lose confidence in a politician if he/she did something like this?</strong>

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Source link: http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/aaron-schock-fitness

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