A Wedding Present

4 years ago

Last weekend, I did some bridal makeup. I didn`t get a chance to take pictures of the makeup. Let`s just say that we were short on time. I agreed to do the bride and bridesmaids` makeup as a favor since I`ve already hung out with the bride a couple times before the wedding. Beside, I am not comfortable charging people considering that it is only something I do as a hobby and for people I know or friends, I`d hate to make them pay.

Pretty much what I take from this experience is that it is not as simple or easy breezy as it may seem. You are dealing with different skintone, skin issues, different face and eye shapes, etc...The biggest challenge for me was time. I think I underestimated the time it would take me to do the makeup. Had it been just for myself, I could have probably finished it in under 30 minutes but working on someone else is a different ball game. Since I do not do this professionally, I found it difficult to do the makeup quick on a new face. Another challenge is that I am sort of a perfectionist and I want the makeup to look flawless, which is also another thing that was consuming my time. With that said, I was only able to complete the face of the bride and maid of honor. One of the bridesmaid didn`t show up and the other did most of her makeup and I just did a quick touch up. They ran out of there like speedy Gonzales...lol. I didn`t make it to the ceremony either since I was not ready and had to clean up. I however managed to show up late at the reception. Again, underestimating my time.

So, to be honest, this was a last minute gift for the newly weds. I ran to the store after I did the makeup. Didn`t know where to go so I decided to stop by TJ Maxx. I found this wall hanging that I thought was cute and seemed like a good idea as a wedding gift. I don`t remember the price anymore but it was less than $20.00. I think if the newly weds follow these house rules, they should be able to keep the marriage cool and under control. If you think about it, it`s often all those small little things that we forget and take for granted.

I guess that`s pretty much it for this post. Have you attended any wedding lately? If so, what are some of the gift ideas you`d like to share. On a side note, after this experience, if I ever get married again, I will not have it in the summertime. It`s too damn hot and the heat is irritating.

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