A Vegetarian Burger, a Side Rice, and a Note on Handling Spicy Foods

2 years ago

Today for dinner, my family was having chili. I obviously couldn`t have any, so my father made me a Chipotle black bean vegetarian burger. I don`t know what type of packaged rice he used, but it was not a delicious or high quality side dish. It was very bland tasting. It had brown rice, tomato, spinach, and onion. I`m not sure what brand it was. If I figure out what product it was, I`ll ask my parents to buy some other brand instead.

On the other hand, my burger served with a Rosen`s white bread sesame bun was much more tasty. The Chipotle burger is a little spicy, but the bun helps buffer the spiciness level. As someone who is sensitive to spicy foods, I`ve noticed that if you have anything spicy with solid foods that are not spicy, it acts as a shield for your mouth. Dairy can help buffer spicy foods only to some degree. Calcium is a known buffer for acid, so that may be why dairy (which naturally contains calcium) can be helpful for making your mouth feel better. Sometimes it doesn`t always help though, because large amounts of acid is getting washed around in your mouth. To buffer the acid, I would recommend putting not spicy foods in your mouth first, chewing them, then putting spicy foods in your mouth with the not so spicy foods you already chewed, and then if necessary adding additional not spicy foods, and then chew it all up (make sure to only use small bites, don`t shove a lot in your mouth all at once). If you need to, try to only use a small amount of spicy food with this method if you`re still feeling a burn you can`t handle. Hopefully you`ll have an easier time handling spicy foods in the future.

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