A Vase Into A Present

For my boyfriend & mine`s three and a half year anniversary, I decided to make something out of a vase he got me a while ago. I made a vase with paper in it saying `365 Reasons Why I Love You`. (Obviously, you can see that). In the vase I cut up 365 peices of paper, and on each peice of paper is a different reason why I love him or why I love us. Despire popular belief, trying to come up with 365 reasons why you love someone, is ridiculously hard. It took my about a week to just come up with the list. Here are just a couple reasons that I put down:

`When you sing our song to me.`
`The way that you hold me when we go to bed.`
`How you are the last thing I see or hear every night.`
`When I lay my head on your lap and you rub my head.`

I love this idea. He picks one reason out everyday for the next year. I love that I used a vase he gave me. I think it just makes it that much more special.

What do you guys think of this idea?

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