A Twist On Studs...Ditch The Pearls amp Get A Fun Stone!

5 years ago

I totally am a girl who loves a fabulous in your face, flaunting earring....But sometimes its easier to ditch the hoops, heavy earrings, all that bling, and say hello to some studs.....

Studs are the simple pieces which are classics....They come in gold, diamonds, silver, pewter, pearl...However when we wear studs the list sometimes seems a little limited......Sometimes it seems as if that classic look can get a little boring...And lets be real here girls, I love having a twist in my jewelry...And fashion is all about making it your own, and putting a twist on it, these earrings do just that.....

Whenever I see beautiful studs, that are different I literally jump on them, and buy them......And in this case, it was the same thing!!....These are those type of studs which we all really love, they have a twist on the regular gold posts, or diamonds we always see...And they are very eclectic.....They have something so unique about them...And that is their beautiful stone!

These beautiful studs have a gold accent to them, which is around the outside of the actual stud....The inside of the stud has a beautiful stone, which reminds me of those stones we would get from the museum as little kids.....The stone itself sparkles, and really accentuates itself on its own....I have to admit the stone kind of looks like small little diamonds which are speckled together in various levels...

I purchased these beautiful unique studs from Lorraine from youtube who has a boutique, called TheCurrenCustom..She did a video on them, and I literally fell in love with them!! I love the earrings, however it was quite a process to receive them.....I ordered them in January and ended up receiving them about a week ago...However their customer service was great, and Debbie who actually is Lorrain`s mom ( you see her in her videos), personally got back to me....And even when I received my package late, she wrote me a personal note, complete with a cute little notebook!.....SO patience really was worth it, and I am so happy that I purchased these earrings!

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What do you think of these studs? What would you wear them with?

Source link: http://www.thecurrentcustom.com

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