A twist on quotpizzaquot

I`m not quite sure what to call this except for a twist on "pizza". My boyfriend was over at my apartment and he made these for us. I`m not sure if he saw it somewhere or he thought of it on his own but they came out delicious so I stole his recipe and have made them twice since then lol

Its very easy to make and all you need is 3 different ingredients.
- croissants
- pepperoni
- shredded cheese (which ever kind you prefer, mozzarella tastes best in my opinion though)

Heres how you make them:
1. Preheat the oven in accordance to the croissant packaging
2. Take out a cookie sheet pan and spray it with non stick spray
3. Roll out the croissant dough
4. For each triangle of dough, take some of the cheese and sprinkle it over the dough
5. Lay down some pepperoni (3-4 is usually what I do)
(optional) If you want it to be extra cheesy, add another layer of cheese on top of the pepperoni
6. Roll the dough up like you normally would when making a croissant
7. Place them in the oven for the recommended amount of time on croissant package

and VOILA! You`re ready to eat them! They`re so good and flakey. Very delicious! They`re relatively cheap to make too. Costs me around $6 at Walmart for all the ingredients.

If you want it to be more like a pizza you can add some marinara sauce onto the dough before placing the cheese down. And of course you could add whatever you want in them as well such as peppers, sausage, etc.

Hope you like this little twist on pizza! Let me know if you have any questions and what you think!

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