A tua cara nao me é estranha (portuguese show)

5 years ago

Hello luuuxers im making this post to talk a little bit about a Portuguese show called "A tua cara nao me é estranha".
So basiclly on this show they invite portuguese famous people to sing and pretend another famous musician or singer.
I watch this show and i kind of like the concept of it, its a really nice program.

There was a girl called Romana that pretended to be Adele and she singed someone like you and she sounded exactly like Adele.
She made alot of Portuguese people cry listening her singing that song even the judges cried.
This show is really funny and the people that are apresentating the show are just funny lol

*Image from the source link below*

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Do you whatch this program?
Did you saw Romana singing Adeles song?

Source link: http://www.propagandistasocial.com/2012/01/10/a-tua-cara-no-me-estranha-conhea-os-apresentadores-o-jri-e-os-concorrentes-do-novo

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