A trip to each sign!

4 years ago

Hi everyone!

So, i don`t know if you believe in signs. I do, a bit.
They have an influence in people`s relantionships, how they think, how they act...
Trip is something that involves your personality, and consequently, your sign.

So, let`s see:

Aries (my sign!) We`re dinamic and adventurers: Amazon Forest, Hawai, California

Taurus- More feet on the ground and organized: Holand, Greece, São Paulo

Gemini- Curious and Versatile: New York, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro

Cancer- Strong connections with emotions and sensibility: Disneyland, Peru, Recife

Lion- They like glamourous and sofisticated things: Italy, Fiji Islands, a Cruze by Caribe

Virgin- Organized and perfectionists: Swiss, frozen lakes Pudahdudel, Rome

Liber- Friendly and sociable: Milan, Paris, Barcelone

Scorpion-loves challenge and places with strong emotions:
Easter Island, Greece, Brazil

Sagittarius- Dinamic and relaxed: India, South`s Africa, Amazon Forest

Capricorn-friendly and love comfort: London, Argentine, Chile

Aquarius-Rebels and Sociable: Rome, New York, London

Fish- Romantic and sensitive: Venice, Caribean, Mediterranean cruise

Do you think the signs are right?

Hope you like yours!

Source link: http://turismo.ig.com.br/2012-07-03/a-viagem-perfeita-para-cada-signo.html

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