A Step-By-Step Guide for Applying Beard Oils

Do you want a soft beard? How can you get one? Oiling and shampooing can help you to have soft beard. Beard supplement can help you provide with the required nutrients that can help to get right beard growth. Even using beard growth spray can prove to be of great use.

Know the fact that only cleaning and trimming is not sufficient to get healthy beard. Facial hair is considered to be rough, when compared to hair on your head. Such dry and rough hair can affect the overall look as well as feel of your beard. You can have clean and presentable beard only when you take care of it on regular basis. Using products that contain beard growth vitamins are also considered to be helpful.

There are beard oils that can be used to keep the skin nourished. These oils are known as leave-in conditioner for the beard. Do not choose the oil can give the beard hair greasy look. Using right type and quality of oil can allow you to stimulate facial hair growth. There are oils in the market having a collection of oils, vitamins and minerals. Such oils are made to encourage facial hair growth.

How to apply beard oil? Here is the beard oil application process:

#1 Wash your Face:
With the regular cleansing lotion, wash your face. Make certain you use the face wash that suits your skin. Cleaning face is important before applying oil so that no dust particles can stick to your face after application of oil.

#2 Make Use of Sponge:
Makeup sponge can be used for applying oil on face. Add small amount of oil to the sponge. After adding oil, sponge should get saturated. Rubbing the oil with the sponge is vital to face part where you want the beard hair to grow. Oil should get completely absorbed by your face. Proper facial massage is essential in such scenario which can be done by using sponge or your fingertips. Around 5 minutes massage is enough every day.

#3 Wipe the Oil:
After the massage is done, you should wipe the oil. Wipe oil does not mean that you will wash your face. A soft cloth should be used to wipe the oil as it will not make your skin oily. If you need proper effect of oil, then washing face immediately after massage is not advisable.

#4 Morning and Night Massage:
It is vital to get the beard growth vitamins oils twice daily. Doing the massage session in the morning and night is advised. Do not forget to wash the face before the massage session. The effect of the oil is seen after 6 weeks of daily beard oil application. Even after 10 to 12 weeks if you find out no results then maybe you need to change your oil. Get in touch with skin specialist, if you get any kind of rashes on your face. Use the beard growth spray or search for beard supplement to improve the facial hair growth.

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