A special food called quotMucenici fierti (Dobrogeni)quot


Please don`t get distracted by the pictures, this is really good!
Actually, it is a tradition to eat this dish on 9th of March when we celebrate the 40 Martyrs, but I did this several times during those weeks because my boyfriend and I were craving for this.
"mucenici" is the Romanian term for "Martyrs" and these are a 8-shape type of pretzels (well, not pretzels, but these are made just of flour, water and a bit of salt, but nowadays you can buy already made ones as you can see in the first pic).
There are 2 ways of doing "mucenici", some involve baking and adding lots of syrup and honey, but now I`m gonna show you the other way, when you have to boil them.
So I bought a bag of "mucenici". You have to boil a liter of water with a bit of salt and sugar. When the water is boiling you add the "mucenici"and let them boil for several minutes (7-10). After that you turn off the stove and add some ground cinnamon and lots of ground nuts, lots of them.
The best way to eat these is when they are cold.

I like my mucenici with lots of ground nuts and not extremely sweet. These are really good, although my pics looks a bit yuck..., but if you got the chance you should try it.

So, have you ever tried something like this?
Do you have such a tradition?

*first picture is from the source link*

Source link: http://www.retetecool.ro/mucenici-fierti.html

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