A Six Year Old Did My Nails (: NOTD!

5 years ago

<strong>How many of your would let a little six year old do your nails?</strong> I started babysitting this little girl named, Chloe. Her mom bought her a few nail polishes to play with. Personally, I probably wouldn`t buy a child her age nail polish just because it seems like it wouldn`t be safe, but Chloe does seem a little more mature for her age. It just varies with children. I know when I was six, I wouldn`t have had the patience or skills to paint someone`s nails (:

Anyways, we were playing pretend and she had her own little salon set up, and she was painting her dolls nails and she painted my nails and my friend`s nails too. I think she did such a great job! She used this hot pink nail polish, and I never paint my nails hot pink, so this was new for me. She said to me "Just try it. Just try it. You`ll look fabulous darling!" Then she used a frosty white polish to paint stripes and a flower on my nails. She said she saw this design in a magazine, and I just think it`s so cute how she`s already finding inspiration.

I took some pictures of her in her salon and some pictures with her. I asked her mom for permission to post them online, but her mom would prefer not to have her daughter`s pictures online. I completely respect and honor that, but I wish you guys could see how concentrated she was when she was painting my nails. I love seeing young children extremely concentrated and focused on something, it`s so cute!

<strong>What do you think of my nails? Did Chloe do a good job? (:


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