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4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers !

First of all let me apologize for my eyebrows lol
I was actually trying to find a pink/orange-y look for saturday night (my boxing club organizes its 11th gala and it`s actually the first time I`m going there so I know I`d better stay simple as far as clothing is concerned but I love make up so there is no way I`m going out without any!) ^^

So I did this very quickly and actually I liked how it turned out! Unfortunately my camera did not do much justice to golden orange colour I used on the crease but it really stands out in person, love this colour!

So here is what I used:
- Swiss Chocolate from MAC as my transition colour,
- on my lid and my crease hot pots from Coastal Scents (honestly I did not look at the references because I know if I`m trying to take them out to check the labels I`m gonna make a mess lol)
- a maroon eyeliner and a golden one on the bottom (from Sephora sorry I forgot to take a picture of it)
- my Guerlain`s mascara Le 2 in butterfly sparkle (amazing purple colour, just gorgeous!), no falsies!
- and the highlight colour is from a LancĂ´me`s palette.

I think that`s it!
Thanks for reading and have a great one everybody =)

*Pictures are mine do not take them without my permision, thank you*

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