A Self Driving Cadillac - New Tech From Cadillac That Will Drive Your Car

5 years ago

You have probably seen this kind of tech in movies and you might have wished it was true sometimes when you have to go somewhere or go in long drives and get tired of driving, but it seemed to be all a fantasy. However, Cadillac is trying to make fantasy come to life.

Cadillac announced a new technology for their cars called Super Cruise and using the different sensors/radars/cameras installed on the car, the vehicle can steer, stay in the lane, and accelerate or stop, all without the drivers help. Its also smart enough to realize that the driver should drive when the radars/cameras don`t pick up the lane sign or are not working properly.

Here is what it uses : " radar, GPS, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras" and the GPS is used to "know when a turn is coming up".

I think this is a pretty cool technology and useful sometimes but i have to say i would be afraid to use it completely, especially if there are more cars on the road or a lot of traffic. Also, i do enjoy driving to much to have the car do all the work for me.
But for longer car rides this is pretty useful in my opinion.

<strong>What do you think of a self driving car? Is it something you would like to have?
Would you like to have a full functional self driving car or you like to drive to much to have such tech?</strong>

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Source link: http://technabob.com/blog/2012/04/21/cadillac-self-driving-car/

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