A Push In The Right Direction, Getting My GED amp Compass Test

4 years ago

Hey there...
So this post is long over due, but none the less needed!
In the beginning of 2011, my man (who is incarcerated) planted the bug to go back to school.
I was apprehensive to say the least.

With a lot of coaxing from him, I finally built up enough courage to get my GED.
LOL I have NO idea what my deal was.
I was terrified of going to take the test and completely failing.
All the while he kept pushing me to do better and try harder.
He`s always had faith in me, even when I did not.
(one of the things I love about him/and hate at times!)

I appreciate the faith he has in me, but at times I get frustrated and irritated with his constant pushing!
Which is NOT his fault, I am to blame.
I am lacking in the faith in myself or believing in myself department.

I pasted my GED tests, all of them the first go round.
I hate to admit this to him but I was extremely happy!
I felt as though I had accomplished something huge!
For the first time in a long while I finally felt proud of myself. =)

With little to know fight on my end, I went and took my compass tests at my local community college. I was just as terrified, mainly of failing, but I pushed through it with the encouragement of my man.

As you can see from the result above I did pass those as well.
Still fearing the unknown, my man pushed for me to enroll in school.
He kept telling me I could do it and well what did I have to lose...

I am very thankful for my man. He is my number 1 supporter.
I love and appreciate it for everything he does for me.
Even with me fighting against him or doubting him, in the end most of the time he is right.
Don`t tell him that, I`d hate for his head to get big! LOL

I didn`t want to listen to him, but he was telling me the truth.
I was the only one holding myself back.
What was I so scared of???
It`s crazy to me...
I am so fearful of failing, that I choose to do nothing.
I sit stuck, idling, doing the same old thing day in and day out!
Somehow in my mind, doing nothing, was better then failing.
How in the HECK does that make sense???
It`s one of those frustrating things the brain can do!

Sometimes we fight change, taking chances and try our best to close off the world.
Don`t let things or opportunities pass you bye!
Good things will and can come to you if you try!

I wish I knew then, what I know now!
I`m 27 years old, I wish I had done is a decade ago.
I can only imagine where I would be!
Regrets are for the weak!
I have no regrets, I will accept this as a learning experience.
My eyes have been opened to the world,
I look forward (mostly) to anything that comes my way!

I hope you, who are reading this, hear my plea.
Don`t give up on yourself!
You can try to blame the WORLD for everything that has gone wrong,
but YOU and YOU alone have to power to change it!

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