A PRO`S P.O.V.: Profusion brand eyeshadows

Ok, so when I first started to build my cheap makeup kit, I was willing to go real cheap, I got these shadows from a makeup kit at Walgreens, these were the first cheap products I bought. I mean, 15.00$ for sooo many eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, liners, blushes etc.. I figured, " Hey, I`m a professional, I`m good at what I do, I can make these work" Boy was I in for a good one. Ill break it down on you as I usually do:

FANTASTIC! I tried them on my eyes in a black smokey eye, and I was like wow, these are really really pigmented !! But guess what happened as soon as swiped my finger over my eyes... thank you... it all faded away... so effortlessly.

With a brush? don`t even think about it... with a sponge applicator it works. You will have fallouts on you cheeks, the texture of the shadows is undescribable.. kinda mousse, chalky powder, rotten cream texture. Blending? Please! as soon as I tried to blend it only made a mess.

These are the worst eyeshadows I have ever used in my whole carreer, and before that. I don`t personally care for those who will say "Oh they work for me" Whoever says that, definately is not a professional in the field as I am, so you are more than welcome to tell them I say they know nothing of what they are talking about and invite them to argue me about it ;) These are simply crappy products.. period. STAY AWAY FROM THESE! You are better off with the ELF Beauty On The Go Palettes I reviewed earlier.

(First image is not mine, source below)

Source link: http://www.neutrakris.com/2011/10/new-holiday-display-at-walgreens.html

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