A PRO`S P.O.V.: ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner Review

As I mentioned before, days ago I got my first ELF products on the mail, because I am building a cheap makeup kit for cheap paying people so I wanted something really cheap, and considering that ELF has the only 6$ foundations (3$ if you get it with a coupon like i did) with a wide enough range twith a wide enough range to fit people of dark skintones I decided to go for it. And I promised all you gals I`d give every product a review from a professionals point of view.

I bought the Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black, I was just looking to try it out, and black is what I mostly use.

The Studio Line is quite more professional oriented, so it has a more chic packaging, square and compact, and it comes with a mini angular brush which is kinda good, but the bristles kinda separated, so I prefer to use a good angular brush with it.

It is very pigmented, when I first got the box, this was the first product I tried.. and I said WOW ! this is truly intense black ! Not like some other cheap ones I have used that are so soft they almost look grey.

It ran sooooo smoothly, yet it didint smudge. I actually umm ( i know i shouldnt be saying this) but yeah I decided to sleep with my eyes made up to test its durability, and when I woke up I still had slight remains of it, and I move as lot during my sleep, plus I sleep with my my front to the bed and my head to the sides. so there is a lot of face-pillow contact. As on regular wear... I can calculate about 8 smudge free hours, considering i went to sleep at 4:30 AM.

Its one of the best cake eyeliners I have ever tried, and even tho I have not used many, I am very very satisfied with the quality of this and specially the value of it.

Hope my review helps

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