A PRO`S P.O.V.: ELF Studio Complete Coverage Concealer Review

Ok so again..., days ago I got my first ELF products on the mail, because I am building a cheap makeup kit for cheap paying people so I wanted something really cheap, and considering that ELF has the only 6$ foundations (3$ if you get it with a coupon like i did) with a wide enough range twith a wide enough range to fit people of dark skintones I decided to go for it. And I promised all you gals I`d give every product a review from a professionals point of view.

On the way I decided to look for some concealers, and after reading so many mixed reviews and being a little skeptical, I decided to get the Studio Palettes and I got all 3


They come in a flip-top pallette that has a mirror and a little window where you can see the shades. It also comes with a brush... the brush sucks I warn you, so dont even try it.

Each palette has 4 shades of concealer, and I noticed specially in the Light one, that 2 of them are pink undertoned, and 2 are yellow, Pink works great for very dark circles, just like Bobbi Brown`s Corrector/Concealer technique. So far, these has suited all skin types I have had to work with.

I was expecting such a crappy coverage out of this, and it proved me wrong, tho its in no way close to the quality of Bobbi Brown, it has a nice coverage.

I tried them on me, and at first with the brush I did not like how it applied at all, then I decided to use my finger and that did the trick, I had no experience with caking or creasing or anything during the short while I had it on, and as far as the models... I didint get any complaints ;)

This is just 3 dollars and you can get it for 1.50 if you can catch a 50% off coupon... and while I am very pleased with them and these will become my staple concealers in my cheap makeup kit, I do advice that if you get it ONLY FOR YOU, you will have at least 2 un-useful shades... unless you love the raccoon look ;)

Hope my review helps

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