A PRO`S P.O.V.: Bobbi Brown BBU Palette Review

Lets keep on moving: When i ordered my Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder, I also ordered the BBU Palette. There is a lot to be taken into consideration before buying this, considering how pricey it is. First, I had already made a decision to upgrade the foundation I used on my clients to Bobbi`s. And while I tried my damdest to skip shades to make it more cheap, no matter how, the palette always ended up being cheaper in that first time upgrade. You have less product, but you have them all at once, and yuou can always refill them as you run out.

It is small... smaller than I thought it would be, it feels quite sturdy, considering that I will be refilling these from the full size foundation sticks, I am sure it will have a very long durability. Its quite smaller than a MAC 15ES palette, but its thicker. You get Concealers and Correctors on the left, and Foundations on the right, and in the middle you get like a shade guide telling you which shade is placed where.

This palette includes:
All 20 shades of Bobbi`s Foundation Stick
All 12 shades of her Corrector.
All 14 shades of her legendary Creamy Concealer
Some of the shades have less product than the rest, sadly, the Honey concealer is one of them, and in my experience when I first got my Bobbi Brown concealers, the Honey was not the first one that I bought, but it was the first one that I ran out of. Even though I will be refilling them, it just wish I could have more space of that one concealer I use the most.
All of them are yellow toned, Bobbi believes that no matter what your skin tone is, yello will look the most natural, and I agree with her.

We all know how legendary Bobbi`s Creamy Concealer is, The second I tried it I immediately knew this was what I needed for my clients. It covers the most severe cases of dark circles, and stubborn spots you can spot conceal with this. I have tattood eyebrows, and these covered them as well. The foundations give a really reaaaaaallly great coverage, I recommend using it before the concealer, since its such a good foundation it will cover up most of the flaws you wouldve used concealer on, becoming of a waste of product.

Bobbi`s Corrector and Creamy Concealer are soo deliciously smooth and creamy, while they work great with a brush, I tend to prefer the effect skin on skin gives when applying it with my fingers. The foundation is not as easy to handle as if you had the actual stick, Actually I tried picking up product with a sponge, and it didint work for me, I need to use a spatula to get the product ouf of its container and carry on from there. Its not the lightest feeling foundation, but it doesnt feel like you have plastered your face with tons of makeup!

BOTTOM LINE: This palette is BRILLIANT, I dont know why no other lines have come up with something like this. And as I mentioned before, Its a smart investment if you are in my case where I had already decided to get a wide range of her foundations. The palette sells for 250$, I got it for 150$ with the Pro Discount. I do not regret at all making this investment, and as a bonus, I get everyones "wow"`s when I pull this little baby out on set :)

Hope my review helps!

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