A Phone App That Helps with Anxiety!?

Hello Luuuxers! Unfortunately I have struggled with anxiety throughout my entire life. It has at times gotten to the point where it interferes with my daily life. I`ve struggled with ways on how to monitor my anxiety levels and to find exercises to help relieve the anxiety, but then I found the SAM app last year!

SAM stands for Self-help for Anxiety Management. The app was developed at the University of the West of England. It`s completely free to download and does not take up much space on your phone. There are 8 different categories in the app with each one having a specialized way of working through your anxiety. You can plug in your daily anxiety levels by using a slider, look at a graph to see your progress, make a list of what makes you anxious, and create a `toolkit` of different exercises that you can do to help make your everyday life easier!

I don`t use the app everyday, but when I`m going through a rough patch its nice to have something so I can see all the progress that I`ve been making! The app also gives links for immediate help if you are truly suffering from anxiety and need more than just a phone app.

I think SAM is a very useful app that can really help some people in managing with their anxiety. Do any of you Luuuxers have issues with anxiety? Let me know in the comments!


Source link: http://www.thepulpzine.com/comfort-a-click-away/

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