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4 years ago

I received a Groupon a week or so ago for a new work-out activity that helps you burn up to <strong>1,000 calories</strong> in an hour all while having fun! In case you aren`t aware, I`m a big Zumba buff (I haven`t gone in a while due to an injury, excuses and my favorite zumba instructor leaving the gym) and I`m all about making my workouts as fun as possible because the treadmill is NOT my friend. So needless to say when I got this Groupon invite I was immediately intrigued. I almost purchased two classes for my boyfriend and I to attend, but I figured since I had the company website I could purchase tickets at any time granted, not at a discounted rate, but at a later date nonetheless.

Anyway! There is a recreational workout arena under the name Sky Zone. There are areas all over the continental US (I do know there are some in California so if youre adventurous check it out). What Sky Zone consists of is high impact or low impact workouts that are done (at your own risk) on a number of trampolines built together, with side trampolines for jumping on and/or keeping you from hopping right off the thing. There are scheduled classes daily and there are also Sky Zone workouts for youngsters.

There are two particular activities one of which is called Sky Robics (which would be similar to aerobics think calisthenics, muscle work, etc.) but its all done on a trampoline. Its supposed to be helpful on your joints because while jumping you do have moments of weightlessness but it would be different for each person. Theres also a recreational 3-D Dodgeball which looks like SO much fun you can bounce around, jump off the side trampolines to get around all while taking aim and throwing balls at your opponents.

I do plan on giving this a shot at some point more than likely after I have my surgery so I dont further injure myself.

Do note the gentleman jumping around in the video is obvious a professional so dont expect to be back-flipping your first time around.

Would you be adventurous enough to try out Sky Zone for yourself if its available in your location?

Image is not mine, it belongs to Sky Zone. Video is also not mine, taken from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUcDRdXgbEE
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Source link: http://www.everett.skyzonesports.com/OPENJUMP/SportFITNESS/SkyRobics.aspx

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