A Mutant Runt??

5 years ago

Runts are one of my favorite candies. They`re sugary and fruit-flavored and yummy! I got some in my stocking for Christmas and only just decided to open them up the other day. To my surprise... I found a strange, mutant Runt. My first thought? I must share this with others! So off I ran to get my camera.

I put the "mutant" Runt into perspective by placing it in the middle of the two Runts it most closely resembles. The Runt in question was round like the orange one, but purple like the grape one - so it was kinda like a weird hybrid. I was utterly confused, lol. So, in order to figure out exactly what it was, I took a bite.

Surprisingly, it tasted like the orange Runt even though it had the purple coating. I then thought about how neat it would be if all the Runts were like that - the color was one thing and the flavor was another. Either way, this post has been absolutely ridiculous, but also rather funny :)

Have you ever come across something strange like this before?

<strong>*Image is my own!*</strong>

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