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Just removed your acrylic nails and your nails are looking weak and disgusting? I hate that! I love getting my nails done at the salon and all, but when I want them off, my natural nails really are damaged. I recommend you use Duri Rejuvacote Nail growth System to help restore your original nails to healthy strong nails.

A few years ago, my boyfriend`s mother actually introduced me to this product. It was the summer time, and I had my nails on all summer. I got a new job or something and it was time to remove them. Once I did, my nails looked horrible. They kept breaking! She took me to a local beauty supply shop in her town and bought for me a bottle of this stuff.It comes in a blue box. It`s about the same size as a nail polish. It is .61 fl oz. It applies as a clear although it has a pink tint to it in the bottle. It was about $20. I was like wow, that`s a lot of money. But after a week or so, I understood why.

WHAT IT DOES: It helps strengthen weak, thin nails after the use of acrylics. It helps them grow stronger and look more healthy.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply a base coat on clean nails. You can add a polish color if desired. Then apply a top coat. Apply a top coat everyday for 7 days. After 7 days, remove with nail polish remover. Once you notice your nails are getting stronger, apply every other day as a top coat.

I absolutely recommend everyone to have this in your nail polish collection. I use this all the time to give my natural nails a little extra growth. Use this if your nails are not growing, or are just weak.

Here are some websites where you can purchase this product. Prices vary by site. I`m sure you can check amazon to find it cheaper. I think it can range from $6-20






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