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4 years ago

Hi everyone!
Ever since I started college I havent read a single book that isnt related to college subjects.
I really like to read when I have the time, especially during summer holidays but, since I was working last summer I didnt read any book as well.
Anyway, I bought this book A million little pieces by James Frey like a year ago but I didnt had the time to read it until now.
Ill admit it, Im attracted to the books titles not their covers or even their stories sometimes. If I like the title of a book, Ill read it. I know, its a bit stupid but I just cant help it. Well, I found this books title interesting and I finally had the time to read it, so heres the plot:
James is a 23 year old man who had been a drug addict and alcoholic since he was 10 and is wanted by the police for several charges in 3 states.
The story begins when James wakes up in an airplane that is going to Chicago. James has a huge hangover, many injuries and he cant remember how he got there or how did he got those injuries.
After the plane landed, James parents are at the airport and they take him to a rehabilitation center in Minnesota.
This book is based on the life of the author, James Frey, and his experience with drugs, alcohol and his recover in the rehabilitation clinic. James Frey admitted that not all facts in the book are true and that the book itself it isnt an autobiography.
Honestly, I didnt like this book. If any, this book is good if you are attracted into consuming drugs or alcohol, so you can see the consequences that this might bring into your life. Also, I dont like the way he writes, like he uses way too much the word and instead of commas, which really annoys me.
As I stated before, I didnt like this book so I give it a 1 out of 5 (1/5).
- Have you read A Million Little Pieces?
- Have you ever heard about the author - James Frey?

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