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4 years ago

I went to Walmart tis afternoon to pick up a few things. None of which were the organizers, but I figured I`m here, might as well. When my ubby and moved into our new place there were 2 closets. 1 walk in. Dibbs! And one 6` one. In my previous place my closet was 10` wide. All of wihc was still pretty stuffed. I decided I`m going ahead and taking the walk in.

When I started unpacking my usband kept saying you should take the other one. It was more open and would have allowed me to add a lt in there. However I have wanted a walk in forever, so I said no. It initially took a few days to sort through boxes. Each day he kept saying its not going to fit. I was sure he was jealous and just wanted it. I had my clothes ung up, and my shoes placed up top. The problem was I had 3 more large boxes to unpack, and the movers had broken a few of my storage pieces. I ended up getting 3 new pieces. The 2 drawer sets, and the cube set.

I was able to roll up my jeans and store them in one of the drawer sets, rolled up takes less space. I have about 12 jeans in each drawer. In the other I place my shorts, skirts, and bikinis. Mainly summer attire. In the cubes I had put my flats, sandals, and clutches. The 2 pieces above the drawer sets had another piece going across the middle, but it didn`t allow me to store my heels. Instead I removed the middle and placed my heels in there and above. I was pretty pleased and told my husband he could suck it, cause it all fit.

Then one other boxed popped up out of nowhere! More purses, shoes, and sandals. FML! I needed more storage. For the time being I just place my purses above the cubes. The other sandals I just had no room for, so I just dumped them in front.

Since I picked up 2 more storage shelves, I will now place the short 2 shelf one over the cubes. There I will put all my flats. This will give me room to store all my sandals underneath. The tall one will go in between the the drawer sets, and my purses will go in there. The good thing about these is that they are compatible. They all connect together, and will be the same height. NOW, it will all fit.

I`m pretty excited at how it all looks. The good thing is when we have to move again, I can use the same system.

What do you think of my storage? How do you organize your closet?

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