A long journey: Buliding your wardore how to !

4 years ago

Building your wardrobe can be VERY difficult to do. But, you have to master your closet and the space it contains first. Unfortunately my closet space is tiny, but my collection of clothing isn`t. If you have this problem try selling some items you haven`t wore in a while or something that`s just not your favorite anymore. This includes items to small. The journal will be difficult. I`ve been building mines for months and still it seems like I`ve gone no where. I`ll try my best to keep this short for you guys but if you are only interested in one category feel free to skip threw.. So let`s get startedddd :) !
1:The clothing!
Hopefully you know exactly what your style is. If you don`t try to find it quick! I change my style a lot. It`s okay to do so, just about everyone does. For example: I tend to go from Edgy and girly punk, to full on girly girl. And my closet has suffered because of it. If you have this problem try your best not to send to much money on some items. TIP: Buy the basics. Basic colored tanks & tees will take you far when building your wardrobe. Buy white, black, gray & navy tees & tanks and even colored tees and tanks but NO PRINTS, not yet at least. (Same goes for jeans.) from time to time is okay to buy colors but only if you are comfortable. You can always buy a chunky necklace with some color or maybe a bag. Plus white tees will look great with a pop color. Im not telling you to not be creative... just think. Would you rather buy a beautiful shirt with no bag or jewelry it can go with vs. a basic tee that can match almost any thing you own? So be creative, just keep in mind the shoes/jewelry/bags you own.
2: Color
You want to organizer your closet buy color. This was very difficult for me, i had prints of all different types! It was tragic, but I went to Google and printed me a color wheel (Image 2) This color wheel helped me the most out of the others. It`s simple organizer by color. You can also organizer by long sleeves & short sleeves but to me that seemed like extra work.
3:Shoes & Jewelry
BE CREATIVE HERE ! Go to steve madden and buy some Oxfords (Image 4) and not the plane boring ones the ones with studs and COLOR or SOMETHING Gesssh guys. If your anything like me you go for printed things, stuff that will make a statement when it comes to your clothing, so, sadly, your shoes & jewelry become plane... This is why if you stick with the basics for your clothing your shoes & jewelry will become the eye catcher AND (here`s the best part) after you get all these colorful, creative, beautiful shoes you can simply go to F21 or H&M and find a printed skirt/shirt that would match PERFECTLY !!! It`s a win win situation. (The same can work with handbags.)
Well it looks like I`m done and man I wrote a lot!... Anyways, thanks for sticking around ladies and gents. I hope my advice helps you some. :)
-xoxo Trene` :)

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