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5 years ago

He decided to say yes to everything and everyone. He taught us how to do random acts of kindness 365 days a year, and now hes just finished telling us how he managed to get himself into awkward situations.

Danny Wallace, a lot of people know him as Yes Man but really, hes an ordinary bloke from Dundee who knows how to make pub banter into best selling books.

Awkward Situations for Men is a collection of short anecdotes from his column in The Shortlist, where he worked. The book provides enough stories to keep you entertained, whether youre waiting at the bus stop or just procrastinating doing your assignment. Its probably the bible for those of you who think that your life is the worst; it is a reminder that everybody makes mistakes and that you could probably write a book about it.

The book is split into the four seasons and each chapter is a different awkward situation. From insulting a friends baby, to accidently following a woman in a dark street, to telling a joke and realising halfway through that the only person listening to you is your wife. You could name an awkward situation and Wallace has probably lived it.

My favourite parts of the book are the chapters such as LOVE. Wallace is telling a joke to his friends, his pregnant wife is there- she has heard the joke so many times. While he is telling the joke, his friends keep interrupting him and it eventually loses its meaning. Wallace realises that no one but his wife is listening to him, and that is love.

Wallace has several chapters like this in his book, and it shows that he is a man who will make mistakes, or make a situation worse with a comment or two. However, there are moments in his life he wouldnt change because they are the best moments.

The book is, currently, being made into a Television show on ABC. Wallace will be starring himself, as a British man trying to live an American life only to end up in awkward situations.

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