A is the Main person of the show?

OKay, now wouldn`t it be AWESOME if after we find out the whole entire A team, or maybe even half way through if they make a show called, well whatever should sound best, of how A did everything they did to the girls. Like A`s story. How they get into hanna`s room or how they get away with it for that long?! I mean that would be so interesting for me to watch! Like what if this turns everything around and made the girls sound bad? But A did some horrible things and i have no idea how they got away with it so i mean seeing what they did is crazy! But in season 2, in one of the episodes A got a recording of the girls reactions to what she wrote on spencers mirror in her room, i mean the first thing i would do is open my closet! I just think like, what if they did that? PLL would be so much different! So i would like to see A`s side of the story!

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