A is Revealed Tomorrow! A-day!

5 years ago

Pretty little liars, commonly known as PLL, is a hugely popular teenage show! But it`s not just about drama, its about murder, mystery and blackmail. I love that type of stuff!

<em> Only one more day till A is revealed!</em>

I`m so excited, that i might even whip out my arts & craft and make a little party for myself!

`A` is a person or people, that is blackmailing many of the people in Rosewood. Mainly four girls, Hana, Aria, Spencer and Emily.

This of course has a book series, but before you look at the answer there it is supposed to be different to the books! I have some leads, but It is said it`s obvious once told.

There will be a season 3 though (Thank godness, i don`t know what I would do) explaining how their friend Alison died!

If you haven`t watched it I recommend you do! I love it! For boys and girls, but recommended for more of the teens and tweens, young adults and adults as well.

<strong> Are you up to date with the episodes? Who do you think A is? Are you excited!</strong>

It really sucks because I`m going to be working, meaning I have to wait an extra 7 hours till I can watch it! So no internet for me so it does not get spoiled!


- I know what they said that it would be different from the books, but I know for sure there will be a twin in there. Maybe Alison, maybe not. But there will be a twin. There is too many clues leading to it, the photo, the writing in Ali`s room, the Halloween episode! Google it if you want too!

-I think Melissa might be involved, but not as A, but helping out some how.

- I think that Jenna might have been able to see after a while in one eye before her surgery, that it came back, because when she hit the fly in the last episode, she had sight in both eyes. Also the operation must have worked somehow. She can see!

I have many other theories, but this is just some!

<strong> HAPPY A DAY! (For tomorrow)</strong>

<strong> Photo is not mine, source link below</strong>

Source link: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/pretty-little-liars-season-finale-a-day-marlene-king-301245

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