A hectic day at the Bronx Zoo

The last week of July, we took the Daisies and Brownies to the Bronx Zoo. Daisies and Brownies consist of girls from grades kindergarten to 3rd grade.
The juniors and cadettes went to Baltimore for an overnight trip. We weren`t allowed to go because our boss thought Baltimore was going to be too much for our group so she just booked us to go Bronx Zoo on the most hectic day of the week.

You see, on Wednesdays, its free day, well free admission for the Bronx Zoo. It sounds like a good deal and idea, <strong>BUT</strong> going on this day is actually the worst thing you could possibly do. Hear it from someone with experience.

I used to come here on Wednesdays when I was a kid and it was so fun. But now that I`m older, I realize and notice that its really hectic.

Like everyone from every single borough in NEW YORK CITY and everyone in the state was there. Every camp imaginable. Young people, toddlers, teenagers, old people, everyone.
More people were there then there is in Times Square on New Years Eve.

We couldn`t wait to get outta there. Even our daisies and brownies were getting restless and I had to call the bus driver and tell her that we`ll be leaving like 1 hour and half earlier.
Me and my co-worker already told our boss that we will not be returning to the zoo on that particular day at all. No way that will be happening.

One cool part about the zoo was that they had the <strong>Lego Safari</strong>. Their animals were completely made out of Lego`s, next to the animal, it told you how many blocks were used and how long it took. It was cool.
We didn`t see much of real animals since it was morning/ early afternoon when we were walking around so they were still sleeping or just laying around.

<em>1. Have you ever been to a zoo?
2. Have you ever been to the Bronx zoo?
3. Have you been to a zoo on a free day? Is it hectic?
4. Whats your favorite animal to see at the zoo?
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