A Healthy Me: Starting a Fitness Program!

4 years ago

In the past several years I`ve gained a lot of weight. I`ve been in school, and in a difficult program at that, which means I have to sit around a lot. These days most of the work I need to do is on the computer. It`s meant very little activity for a non-athletic person. This has resulted in me gaining 20 lbs. I`ve never been extremely fit, but the extra 20 lbs definitely puts me over a weight range that is healthy for my body.

I definitely was never one of those girls who wanted to be skinny. That`s probably one of the reasons it`s taken this much weight gain for me to realize it`s unhealthy; I wasn`t hard on myself for every pound that I gained. I am someone who wants to be healthy though. I want to be in control of my body, and lately it`s felt like I don`t have that.

To get myself back in shape I`ve been walking on a treadmill I bought this past December. Truth be told, if the workout is all in my hands I don`t push myself enough. I lost 2 lbs. in January, but haven`t lost any weight since (and I think my success plateaued and possibly led to me gaining it back). A few of my friends have used the Jillian Michael`s 30 Day Shred to lose 10-15 lbs., so I`ve decided to give that a try!

I`ve also decided to post periodically about my journey on Luuuux. I feel like setting goals, making plans, and being accountable in some way really helps. By putting it out there that I`m trying to lose weight and I`ve started a program, I`ve made myself accountable. It`s also motivating for me to keep on top of it.

I`ve linked the YouTube video that I`m starting with, it`s Level 1 (which you do for the first 10 days of the 30 day shred). I don`t think I`ll be able to do the whole program in 30 days, I think I`ll need at least 2 weeks at each level (which is fine with me because even if I can lose 10-15 lbs. in 2 months rather than 1 month that`s still a lot of weight!).

Let me know if you guys have tried this program and wish me luck!

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