A healthy lunch

4 years ago

I had a great, healthy lunch yesterday and wanted to share with you all how to make it at home. Sometimes it is hard to eat healthy with a lot of junk food in your home (like me!) but this tastes so good you won`t even think you`re eating super healthy.
You will need-
A veggie burger:
I ordered this at a restaurant, so I am not sure what kind of burgers they used, but Boca Burgers make good ones.
Whole wheat bread:
I like a really hearty, healthy whole grain bread. Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread tastes great and is great for you too.
Mozzarella cheese:
I know this is not the healthiest thing, but just a thin slice adds a lot of yummy flavor.
Make sure it is ripe, hard avocados don`t taste too good in my opinion!

Just cook your burger, throw some cheese on, toast your bread if you would like, and add small slices of avocado. If you do it right, this will be tender and delicious just like a real hamburger, but a lot more healthy. Remember, you don`t have to sacrifice health for taste!

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