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5 years ago

Yes, this is about healthy eating and dieting... why is this on the health and beauty section of Luuux, well firstly becuase it does have to do with being healthy but also becuase most teenagers are on this category of Luuux.

I feel like so many teen girls my age are insecure and uncomfortable with the way they look or simply want to start living healthier and achieve a goal weight.

In my perspective, no woman or man should be dieting unless they are 16 or older..... why? Because they`re bodies are still growing and developing! Developing bodies need calories, fat, protein and nutrients to welll... DEVELOP! And even at 16 years of age, our bodies are still maturing!

I however believe there is nothing wrong with making small changes in our daily lives to improve and feel better about the way we look or feel! Simply, by adding doable routines in our every day life. Trust me, if you have time to read a magazine or check your Facebook home, you`ll definitley have time to learn these new tips!

Firstly, like everyone says, DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! You have to keep hydrated! They say we should drink from 6-8 cups of water a day and for me, I said that was impossible a couple months ago! But it`s honestly not that hard! Infact, alot of people`s glasses and mugs are over 1 cup. The tip that I have been lately using is simply purchasing a reusable BPA free water bottle and filling it, leaving it infront of me at all times. Wheter its at my school desk or computer desk or in the kitchen cooking! How is this effective? Well for me, I always love to snack on granola bars and chips but since water is always infront of me, I can`t help but to drink it :) Drinking lots of water is so effective in clearing, brightening your skin and improving hair growth :)

My second tip is to stay away from all those carbonated drinks such as coca cola, sprite, root beer and dr pepper.... this was probably the hardest change for me since I drank it every week but mostly inspiration and water got me through it! You have no clue how unhealthy carbonated drinks are, they have pretty much everything thats bad for you in it. lol. One of my favorite ways to add flavour to my water is using falvouring powder thats organic, im sure you can find it at your grocery store!

SLEEEEPP!! SLEEP when you can becuase you body will need the rest! Trust me!

As far as excersizing goes, I walk about 30mins- 1hour everyday! This honeslty isn`t that much if you think about it! And don`t think that running will make you burn more fat becuase it doesnt! Infact, studies showed that walking is more effective than running!

This is honestly so important...
For obvious reasons, your digestive system wont have rest becuase it has to digest the food you ate thirty minutes before you go to sleep! And all those calories go straight to your hips and thighs!!! And for you men,,, espcially the belly!!

So those were just few of the small changes you can make in your daily routine to stay fit or maintain a healthy body!! These tips are definitley not for people who want to lose weight becuase that means more workout and cutting out junk food. These are just simple things you can follow and feel better and lose a couple of pounds!!!

I hope you the best and definitley do try out these tips because you`ll notice the difference soon! :)

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