A Healthy Cleanse For Your Body!

5 years ago

Sometimes you just feel like you have been food that are way to fattening! You feel like you`ve screwed up your diet or workout routine! My best solution to this would be to do a body cleanse. What I mean by this is only eating fruits and veggies for a whole week. I think this would be a really good idea for myself but am kind of hesitant! I know it can`t be harmful because of how healthy they are for you but I don`t know! I am definitely going to try it and I`m actually quite excited as well! This will probably also make it so that you`ll lose a lot of your extra water weight in that week. I`m predicting for myself that the first days will be a little tough but that I will overall be more energized when I get used to it. I hope that all the nutritiousness from the veggies and fruits will motivate me more to get up and workout! I believe it will overall improve everything about my fitness routine. What do y`all think! :)

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