A healthier alternative to fake nails

6 years ago

I loved acrylic nails. I loved gel nails. I loved the way my nails looked right after I got out of the salon. They were impeccable.

But we all know that they weren`t that great for your nails` health, nor your own actual health. There`s a valid reason why all the little ladies (not to be sexist, but that`s usually the case...) wear masks when they apply that white powder that smells so foul. It`s because it`s toxic. Not only that, some places really aren`t that clean, they don`t always clean the buffer from one customer to another...

Bio Gel Sculpture pots.

But there`s a better, healthier solution. Bio Gel.
I`ve used Bio Gel many times in the past, and I`ve loved it. It looks natural, keeps your nails strong (it is gel after all), and best of all it doesn`t damage your nail beds the same way acrylic, resin or gel nails will (there`s much less buffing and gluing..and all that mumbo jumbo).

What is it? The best way for me to explain it is that it`s like a nail polish in the form of a gel that dries under UV rays (the same little machine they use to dry your Gel nails).

So, how does it work?
When you just go to the salon, they clean your nails, the way they always do (whether you choose to cut your cuticles, remove old nail polish....etc). Then, you get to choose a color of your liking. It comes in a variety of colors, just like nail polishes.

While you`re choosing your color, the little lady will buff out your nails just a little, to even out the surface.
First, she`ll apply a clear coat, then two coats of the chosen color.
Some salons will apply a top clear coat, some won`t (It`s better if you do...). In between each coats, you put your hand into the little machine to dry the coats.

And that`s it!

Now, Bio Gel usually lasts up to 4 weeks just like any other nail enhancements.
Depending on where you go, it might cost an arm and a leg (Downtown Montreal usually charges 50$ or more + tax and tips), others won`t charge as much.
Out of all the places I`ve researched, this place is the cheapest so far (and they do a great job. The place is clean, the people are nice...It`s almost proof that everywhere else over price their Bio Gel service). Check out Ongles Royal. They charge 35$ + tax. Which to me, is a great deal.

Amongst all the pros of this product, there is a major con though. You can`t refill like most nail enhancements...however, the cost of a refill in Gel is usually around 30$ anyways, so might as well change it for a new set at 5$ extra right? =)

Check out the Bio Gel Sculpture`s official website for more info on it. =)

In color #111

It`s the perfect color for fall! It reminds me a lot of Revlon`s Stormy Nail Polish

On a personal note, I`m personally trying to grow out my nails, but every time I do...when they reach a certain length, it chips, or breaks or something devastating happens to them. At first I didn`t want to spend the 35$ or so to strengthen my nails, but what the hell. We need to sacrifice a little to look pretty right?

Let me know what you think about this Bio Gel, and if you`ve tried it yourself. ^^

N.E Way, Happy nail pampering!

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