A Good Day To Die Hard

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I watched A Good Day to Die Hard with Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney yesterday. It came out on Valentine`s Day and is the fifth installment in the Die Hard series. Personally, I`ve only seen the 2nd installment, not the whole series.

In this movie, John McClane (Bruce Willis) travels to Russia to get his son Jack McClane (Jai Courtney) out of what he believes is a tough spot only to find that Jack is actually a member of the CIA and by arriving in Russia to find his son, John had disrupted Jack`s mission. Wanting to simply connect with his son, John follows Jack, and helps him complete his mission and ultimately earns the love of his son.

I expect any movie from the Die Hard series to be full of action, and in this sense this movie did not disappoint at all. Car chases, explosions, epic gun fights, you got it all. This movie was also centered on family and the bond between father and son as they try to complete the mission so yes there were a few heartfelt moments which I found cute, but there were also many funny moments that had me laughing hard enough to spit out my drink.

However, I find that there were many unrealistic moments in the movie (it is an action movie after all) where they get machine rifles out of nowhere, and still stay alive through injuries that would kill a normal man, but hey, that`s all to be expected!

Overall I think the movie was good, for some reason I expected it to be longer though. I would watch this movie at home, but I wouldn`t go to the theater to watch it again.

My personal rating of this movie was 3/5.

<b><strong>Did you go see this movie? Are you a Die Hard fan?</strong></b>

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