A Glass Boathouse Studio

4 years ago

This is an amazing glass covered studio and vacation home to photographer Larry Williams in Lakefield, Ontario. The architects at the Canadian company of gh3 transposed the idea of the glass house onto the rocky setting of a lakeshore location. The building appears to be both encircled and simultaneously protected by the numerous boulders and rugged rocks surrounding it.

You have a breathtaking panoramic view when looking out from the inside. Being a photographer, the interior maximized daylight, an important criterion for the photography and film shooting. The interior of the separated photo studios is provided with constant and even lighting by using satin-finished glass panes, which considerably reduces the need for artificial light. The boathouse also offers lake access and there is space for both a garage and a motorboat.

Looks like a dream studio to me!

Image Source: http://www.stylepark.com/en/architecture/glass-house-on-rough-stone-a-boat-house-in-canada-by-gh3-architects/321676

Source link: http://www.stylepark.com/en/architecture/glass-house-on-rough-stone-a-boat-house-in-canada-by-gh3-architects/321676

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