A Girl`s Guide to Originality

So I`m thinking of starting a `series` on my blog focused on oneself. This `episode`as you can tell is about originality. When I say originality, I mean in all aspects of yourself: personality, attitude, actions, style, and all things accordingly. And what better than an unattractive close-up to begin?
When you are true to yourself, no facades; you will attract people that will like you for you. It`s never ok when you are uncomfortable with our friends; the people (other than your family) whom are meant to love and support you no matter what. Surely, not every friend you make will be a winner, but as time progresses, you can form a solid group that have only the best intentions in mind.
If you ever feel alone, or unhappy try to make a re-evaluation. Trust me, high school is too big of a place to find friends that you can`t relate to. If you do find yourself in this dilemma, join new clubs or activities that can help you meet people like yourself (with common interests). I just started a new school this year, junior year. Everyone already had `groups` and I flt like an intruder. But that was the problem, I didn`t act like I belonged; i was quiet and a bit recluse. Once I opened up, I found a great group of friends, and class buddies alike.
On with style. You will find that, unless there is uniform, everyone dresses differently. Surely people will fall under categories; boho, edgy, streetwear, comfy, casual, prep ;but they wear what they love and you should too. If you`re one of those `melville` girls, then hey, wear brandy all you want who`s stopping you. Maybe you love hollister and abercrombie to a fault. No one will judge you because the owner is a prat. Don`t feel pressured into conforming because you fear what others think. hey don`t really matter. Highschool is the best time to discover yourself before entering the real world. Most of those people will be irrelevant after graduation, so why let them stifle your `swag` teehee. What I am trying to say, is find yourself before it is too late. Of course, it is never too late, but start while you have time because once the weight college and majors and careers load on, it gets harder and harder to find time for yourself. Start now, before it`s too late.
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