A Few Ways To Unwind...

5 years ago

We all have those days when we feel ridiculously tired. It happens to all of us especially after those long days at work or school, even running around doing errands. When we get tired we need ways of relaxing so here are a few tips for unwinding:

Get all of your tasks out of the way:
Whether it`s a school paper or a presentation at work. You want to have a clear mind when you`re having "me" time. You don`t want to relax and then get to all those chores, it can actually make you stressed out that you don`t have enough time to complete them.

There`s nothing like getting into hot bath:
Grab your favorite bath gel or a fun bath bomb, the bubbles they create will make you feel soft and smooth.

Yummy Food:
Your favorite meal can make you forget all the worries of the day but if you`re not in the mood for something heavy, grab your favorite snack. Just don`t over eat! (girls we know the stress that comes with that).

Scented Candles:
I love walking into a room or curling up on the couch with a delicate aroma filling the air. Make sure when buying candles you smell them first, sometimes the scents can be a bit overbearing and may induce headaches or make you feel nauseous.

Soothing Music:
Sound machines or your favorite CD can help with a calming effect. Stay away form the up tempo music, unless you want to be energized.

It`s Movie Time:
Unwind watching your favorite movie. Hopefully you opt against a horror movie, remember you`re relaxing (unless that`s your thing).

Get Cozy:
You may want to take a nap after your long day. Make your sleeping area as comfortable as possible with more pillows and a great comforter. Open a window for a fresh breeze or turn the heat up for a warm toasty feel.

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