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4 years ago

Hello Luuxers !

So one more post about Vogue magazine and I`m done lol ^^`

These pictures really caught my eyes because I was looking for something like that and I guess I found it =)

First (and mostly) these two pairs of pants Vogue featured in their August French edition.

The first one is from Genetic Denim and it retails for $200. The second one is from Esprit and it retails for 70 euros.

I might buy the second one if I can find it. I was looking for these kind of jeans/pants but all the ones I liked were too expensive. There was a time whn I was ready and able to pay 200 euros for a pair of jeans but this time is long gone lol
And honestly I think it is not necessary, there are so many other things you can do with this amount of money!
So I`ll see...

The last picture is to show you that beautiful tiger sweat from Philip Plein and it retails for 1250 euros...
No this is not a mistake! You read right it does cost 1250 euros!

I must say I really really really liked that sweater but there is no way I am going to pay such a price to get it. But if you want to offer me a gift go ahead loool XD
It is made of whool and fur, hence the price I guess...

But anywho!
Thanks for reading and have a great one everybody =)

*Pictures are mine, I took them from Vogue magazine I purchased*

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