A few fun stuffs I have just ordered !

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers !

So this post is about two sweaters that I have ordered a few days ago on... Ebay!

And this is the first time I`m buying clothes from Ebay so I hope they will arrive and look fine... I had bought a few stuffs already but never clothes, nor shoes or anything like that.

So I am waiting! Since they have been shipped from a long place, I have to be patient... Well, let`s hope they arrive before winter ends right? lol
Otherwise, that would be fun... --`

So I don`t know why, but I have always loved felines and when I saw these sweaters I was like wow they look so good! Not to mention the price (around 10 euros a piece) when you need at least 20 or 30 euros to buy a sweater, in France...

So I did not hesitate much, I checked the textile and the positive evaluations and I went for it!

I hope they will be as good as I expect them to be...
Please let me know if you have already bought clothes from Ebay and if you had a good or bad experience concerning the transaction.

Thanks you very much for reading and have a great one everybody =)

*Pictures are from sellers on Ebay*

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