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It seems as if every time I step into my favorite store, Anthropologie they are a few steps ahead in the decor area..... With each step I take into the store, I literally gasp in awe of all the beautiful decor pieces that they have.....And every time I see a beautiful decor piece, I usually say to myself " I totally can make that!"...Hence why they are so ahead in the decor world....Literally with every step I take, I think of all the options of where I can put their beautiful
decor pieces in my space, as well as how I can make them!.....

Anthropologie has that self made, eclectic, and boho chick meets antique vintage kind of feel...The kind that looks so perfectly put together, but then again that you can totally re create yourself....Did I forget to mention they give my mind a million beautiful decor aspects on how to decorate around my apartment or bedroom......Oh and did I forget to mention for a lot less of their prices, however if you do wait for them to go on sale they area steal and not always worth doing yourself.....

Prior to Christmas I spotted a beautiful decor piece in
Anthropologie...A beautiful vintage jar full of beads, buttons,
sequins and odds and ends....The top of the glass bottle had a cork on it, and around the top of the bottle was a beautiful gold string.......The gold string came down to the center of the glass and had a cute sticker which read "vintage" on it....For a while I put purchasing the $18 bottle, and just left it beside in my mind....Until one day I decided to get one of those beautiful glass jars, ran to the checkout and found out it was down to $8....Before I knew it I added to my collection two beautiful vintage esq jars..One full of colorful buttons and the other full of silver......

As much as I love this jar, I thought it would be fun to go and see if I could re create the beautiful jar....And before I knew it I was off at Michaels, on what seemed like a fun little treasure hunt to make this fabulous jar.....Not only do you need supplies from Michaels but you can make this with fun things around your house......

Here is what I purchased:

2 Glass Jars (different sizes/shapes) with a cork on top-$1.48 each

Ribbon in various colors and patterns- $1 or $2 each

Glass beads in different shapes and colors ( I choose bronze, silver, white, a tealish greenish blue beads) $3 each

Gems: The gems I purchased were in a ton of different colors....Purple, green, blue and silver...These were only $1 a pack

Glitter, in almost small blue teal beads and gold strands of glitter- $3 each

Here is what I used from my house or what you will may have in your house already:

Mason Jar/Glass Jar


Buttons: I usually save all the buttons I get from my shirts, the extra ones (you use in case you can sow them back up)

Sequins: I used these as well from shirts and what not which I saved


Knick Knacks: Small little pieces which can fit into a jar. ( small stars, sequins, small pieces, etc).

Stickers which have letters: There are those letters which come in script and you can write out words with them.

Flower or butterfly stickers: These are made of fabric and are not really stickers, they are more like a decor piece. You can put it by the top of the jar to give it a fun affect.

Here is How I Made These Jars:

Step 1:

Decide which color you want to use in these jars. I choose to use the teal beads, which are picture above, with different shapes of the silver and white glass beads...Once you figure out the color combination put them in the jar, using a funnel or something else so you do not make a mess....

Step 2:

Make sure you do not have too much beads because that can be over powering, and do not fill up the entire jar...Fill it up a little less then half way...This way you can see what looks best....Once you see what looks best, add your used buttons which you saved and sequins to the mix....

Make sure to shake everything up to mix it all together...

Step 3:

After you mix everything up, take some of your extra knick knacks, and add them...

I added my gems, just a few to the mix since they are a little big in size.

I also added these beautiful wire inspired words...I added "dream" and "inspire" to the jar, and made sure they were on the outside of the jar so you could see them..

Step 4:

Add glitter!

I added the beautiful small little glitter balls which were in a beautiful teal shimmery color....I also added the gold glitter, but added a little too much...

You can even add beautiful clippings of ribbon in the jar, I decided not to, but it definetly adds a beautiful thing to the jar.....Also you can add other things.

Everything is up to you.

Step 6:

Add ribbon around the top.....

I added a beautiful blue teal ribbon around the top of the glass jar, which really accentuated the teal glass beads in the jar.....You can take the inspiration from the Anthropologie glass jar, and add the ribbon under the stickers you could add with words...

Step 7:

Take the stickers and write out a word that inspires you on the jar. Or simple just write out vintage. Or if you want, you don`t have to write anything on it.....

You can add or take out what you would like, and make a beautiful inspiring jar, which you can write an inspiring word on it, to give you some hope...Or you can give it away as a gift....Wrap it in tissue paper and put it in a little gift bag...And you have a beautiful meaningful gift....

What do you think of this decor idea? What would you put in your inspiring jar? What have you seen at the store but have DIY?

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