A Fabulous 3 Ring Brass Key For Your Decor!

5 years ago

I am all about fun different decor pieces which pop out...Pieces that make a statement, and are different then the typical vase, candle or what not....Sometimes its nice to have design pieces which are different then the typical generic design pieces everyone has displayed in their houses....And you all know, I love different key decor pieces...And when I say key I literally mean keys!

This fabulous metal 3 ring key is one of those pieces that makes an intricate fun feel to your decor space....These beautiful keys have different tones of gold, bronze, and a hint of black with sort of a off brushed paint look to it....These keys have a fun antique and vintage feel to it...The fun feel of it reminds me of those old keys that you would see in fun vintage shops, or antique shops....I have to admit it kind of reminds me of those vintage old school janitor keys, or bed and breakfast room keys from centuries ago!

The fun beautiful brushed paint look aside, this key really has fun details on it...With the details of the different bends of the key it gives it a nice feel to it...

Instead of just hanging it on my wall, I decided that I wanted to put it on my beautiful turquoise chest...So I left it on the chest, and it really pops.....This key stands out alone because its just a different piece which stands out...It adds a ton of character to my chest, and really gives a nice feel to it..Not to mention its different then just seeing picture frames, vases, or what not standing on a shelf...

I love different decor like this, because it really shows character in your space...Not to mention its the perfect conversation piece to get a convo going....And it looks pretty good set up on my TV stand, against those books!

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What do you think of this piece? WHere would you put it?

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