A Chair Made Out Of Sardines - What?!

5 years ago

This seems fishy, but maybe its because it is! =D
A rocking chair was just taking to the next level of strange and originality by a designer named Tristan Cochrane that decided to use a different object for inspiration : a sardine.
This rocking chair was made out of real sardines you are probably wondering how its possible, the most likely smell and the actual structure of it but this chair was made possible because those are not actually real fish (I mean, that was almost impossible to do/work with) but they are aluminum casts that were made after wax molds of real sardines, so real fish were indeed part of the process of creating this chair.
The reason for the strange inspiration was probably because Tristan worked in the fishing for years before studying furniture design.

The price for being able to sit on fish? 19.500$, so those are some expensive sardines!

<strong>What do you think of this sardine chair?
Would you actually use it in your home?</strong>

(pictures from the source)

Source link: http://technabob.com/blog/2012/03/23/fish-covered-rocking-chair/

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