A big makeup haul :)

5 years ago

Hello, Luuux!

I don`t really buy makeup often but the drugstore DM had a great offer. If you give in 30 points you made with your previous purchases, you get 30 percent off on any makeup. Of course I took that deal and bought myself some makeup. I feel kind of bad buying so much but I needed all the stuff (except for the blue nailpolish :P).

Let`s start with foundation. I always used foundation by Nivea but they stopped producing makeup so I have to find something else that`ll suit me and since I have a very sensitive skin and I`m quite light, finding the right colour is a pain in the ass. I chose the MaxFactor liquid foundation Colour Adapt and they only have three colour but I think this one suits me good. It has a pump which is always good and it`s like a mousse. I hope this`ll work for me, I`ll do a review when I try it. Oh, and I chose the lightest colour of three (seriously, the choice of colours in Slovenia is horrible), which is 45 - Warm Almond. This was originally 14.95 euros and I got it for 10,23 or something like that. :)

The next thing that I chose is powder & make up in one. There`s better choice in that and I thought it was a good deal since it has a sponge and a mirror. It was originally 9,95, I think I got it for around 7 euros. I chose the colour Rose (17). I think this one will be great for my skin, because it says on the back that is suitable for sensitive skin and it`s perfume free.

Then I got a Manhattan Nail Repair nailpolish, because my nails are horrible at the moment and I really hope this`ll work. It was originally around 5 euros, I obviously got it for 3,5 euros. :)

The next thing I got was a She nailpolish in colour 279, and it`s a really pretty light blue colour, pefect for spring :) It was 2,50 euros.

The last thing I got was an eyeliner. It`s by Manhattan and it`s seriously the best eyeliner ever. It`s long lasting, really black and easy to work with, I actually rebought this. :) It is a little more expensive than I usually spend on eyeliners, it`s usually around 7 euros but it`s totally worth it.

Then I got two gifts because I had a coupon for 30 percent off. I got a mascara which is great, this one is actually one of the best mascaras I ever tried. And I also got an eyeshadow which I`ll probably never use since I`m all about the nudes, it`s in colour Fantasy Green by Manhattan.

So this is my big haul, I`d love it if you could recommend me some foundation in case MaxFactor doesn`t work out. Have you tried any of the products? Do you like my haul? :)

Hope you`re well and are having a nice day!

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