A Beach bound Lunch

4 years ago

This here is a meal my boyfriend and I had for lunch while on the beach and also had for lunch the following day: <strong>teriyaki chicken and an asian pasta salad/lo mein</strong>. We stayed at a hotel which had a mini kitchen, which allowed for minimal cooking (two burners in the room -- one of which didn`t work). We brought some chicken up with us that we marinated in teriyaki sauce and my boyfriend cooked it on the grill. My boyfriend was in charge of the chicken and he did a fabulous job. He stabbed the meat with a fork, allowing the marinade to soak into the meat while it marinated and after it was cooked, it was the softest, most tender grilled chicken I have ever had.

Whereas for the pasta salad, I ended up boiling up a little more than three servings (6 ounces) of Barilla angel hair pasta. I let the pasta cook thru and then right before it was done I threw in a handful of shredded carrots to help soften them just a tad. I drained the water and put the pasta and carrot mixture back into the pan. Before leaving home I put some soy sauce, hoison sauce, teriyaki sauce, minced garlic and oyster sauce into a bowl. I then poured this mixture into the pasta and carrot mixture and stirred until combined. We had some leftover steamed vegetables from the night before so I tossed those into the pasta mixture and served. It was quite yummy!

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