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5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I don`t know about you guys but I love 99 Ranch Supermarket! It has some of the best asian food you can find and it`s a shame they don`t have any in the area where I go to school. I got to visit somewhere for a weekend and while I was there, they had a 99 Ranch market and I took advantage of it and bought some things I`ve been craving for a while.

The first thing I knew I wanted to buy was some <strong>Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup</strong>. If you guys have never had this before, you don`t know what you`re missing out on. It`s definitely spicy so if you guys like spicy food and noodles, I would definitely recommend you to try these if you haven`t yet.

The second thing I bought was a small snack, <strong>Pretz Salad</strong>. It`s kind of like Pocky, but not exactly like Pocky. But instead it`s a biscuit stick that tastes like ranch dressing. A friend described these as biscuit sticks dipped in ranch dressing. After eating a few of these, I realized that it is a biscuit stick dipped in ranch dressing, but it doesn`t matter because I love ranch dressing.

Have you tried these before? What`s your favorite snack to get at 99 ranch market?

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