.99 cents Sports Bobble Bottle

4 years ago

Another thing I picked up from Old Navy were a Bobble bottle.
It was unexpected actually because I knew I didn`t feeling driving
back and forth trying to use my $5 coupon. I usually get clothes on
sale, but I don`t need anymore!

Plus, I didn`t see anything I like at all! I`ve always seen these by the
check out line, but didn`t want to pay $12 for it. When I saw an Orange
sticker I checked the price and it was only $5.99. So I decided to get the
bigger bottle for $5.99 just so I can just pay tax. HA! There were two color
options so I got the Pink over the Blue. The smaller ones were $4.99 I think.
I want to say these are great for people who work out because drinking
a lot of water is a must. Even if you don`t work out its great for your body
as well.

There are rules for you to use this bottle like for instance....

1. Before use, full bottle with water.
2. Gently squeeze 18oz/533ml of water through filter. Carbon dust will appear in
first rinse.
3. Replace filter after 2 months or 40 gallons/150 litres. Please recycle.

There are more you can read about how to take care your bottle etc.

<strong>Original:</strong> $12.00
<strong>Discount:</strong> $5.00
<strong>Total:</strong> $1.08

1. Did you buy this at Old Navy or any other store?
2. Do you drink more soda or water?

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