911 World Trade Center Lights (11th Anniversary)

4 years ago

*Sigh* Its been 11 years since the World Trade Center terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. I was 9 years old sitting in my 4th grade classroom. My desk was right where the door was and I noticed that my teacher was walking in/out. She was outside speaking with a fellow coworker and I of course being nosy, eavesdropped the conversation. She was told the that planes crashed into the "twin towers". Later on, I heard the words "hijacked" and terrorists. This was something I was completely clueless to because I`ve never heard such thing. I think an hour later, all the students were sent to the gymnasium, where the principal explained everything. We all went home and watched it unfold on tv.
To be honest, I really didn`t understand how horrible this whole event was. Even at that age when you`re suppose to comprehend, I didn`t know how tragic it was, probably because I didn`t know anyone who worked there. To me, it seem like it was just two buildings falling; not hundreds of helpless people trapped inside two burning skyscrappers. I didn`t understand then, but I do now.

I had school all day and passed by the WTC site between my breaks. It was definitely much more crowded. There were NYPD at every corner, NYC firefighters dressed in their uniform, a few military servicemen, a couple of news stations/photographers, and a bunch of New Yorkers paying their respect for those who died. People wrote messages on the ground that
After I was finished with all my classes, about 8:30pm I walked over to the site again one last time(idk for the heck of it, I guess?) But as I was walking towards the subway, I noticed that people kept on looking up and taking pictures. It got my attention and I saw the "Tribute in Lights". Apparently it is 88 searchlights facing up to the sky, depicting the towers. It was so bright and vivid in person. I`ve seen it on tv a couple of years back, but this was my first time. My brother also told me that he saw it from Queens as he was driving on the highway. Pretty cool right?
Also right across or diagonal of the Tribute of Lights, the One World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower was lit up. The entire building was red, white, and blue; similar to what they do with the Empire State Building. I just thought it was so beautiful , I had to snap a photo. And I don`t know if its just this event that brings people together, but I feel even more patriotic. I makes me appreciate all the first responders.

*What did you do today? If you`re from NYC, did you see the Tribute of Lights? (i think it was only up for an hour)

First 3 photos belong to me. The last 2 don`t....I found it on Tumblr :)

Source link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tribute_in_Light

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