9+10=21 Child Runs Away From Home

2 years ago

We all know about the new, popular social media network known as `Vine`. If you don`t it`s basically like Instagram, except you share small, 7-second videos, not pictures. Recently, a vine went viral that entails a young boy conversing with the cameraman. The cameraman says, `You stupid,` to the boy, in which he responds, `No, I(`m) not,`. To prove his point, the cameraman says, `What`s 9 + 10?` and the boy answers, `21`. The cameraman proceeds to repeat, `You stupid,` and then the video ends. As it turns out, the boy`s name is Habeeb Cisse, and he wasn`t very excited about the vine. He was so upset by the constant jokes being made about it on social media, that Habeeb decided to run away from home. The only clue he left was a note saying, ` I tired of everyone lafing(laughing) at me, I running away forever now, if yu(you) want to find me the only clue I leaving is 21. Although written in very poor grammar, investigators could still understand the note, but have failed to find the child. Some may laugh at this story, but in reality, it`s quite sad that today`s society has come down to laughing at a child who isn`t properly educated. Watch the vine below:

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzVXbeASRiQ

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