90210 vs. Gossip Girl. What team are you on?

5 years ago

<em>After a couple of weeks of silence, both Gossip Girl and 90210 have returned to the TV screens - finally! So I thought I could take this as an opportunity to compare these shows a little, since theyre quite similar, yet pretty different at the same time.</em>

<strong> 90210
What is it all about:</strong> To keep it short and simple, 90210 revolves around a group of friends living in the wealthy neighborhood of Beverly Hills, attending high school, and later college together. The main characters Annie, Dixon, Silver, Naomi, Navid, Adrianna and Ivy all deal with their own set of problems, such as teen pregnancy, drug abuse, mental disorders, cancer, money issues, and of course love ... duh!
<strong> My thoughts: </strong> I watched 90210 from the very beginning, and Im still totally hooked. I know that people complain about the acting and the dull dialogues, but the fact that its filled with so many crazy and surprising moments and storylines totally makes up for that ... and I also love the fact that you can relate to the characters , even though your world might be totally different from theirs.

<strong> Gossip Girl
What is it all about:</strong>
Well, the story is basically the same thing. It follows a group of friends/frenemies, namely Serena, mean girl Blair, bad boy Chuck Bass and his best friend Nate, as well as Dan and Jenny Humphrey, dealing with the scandals, lies, and relationship chaos of the wealthy Upper East Side.
<strong> My thoughts: </strong> For the first two seasons, I used to be absolutely obsessed with the show - mainly for its drama, storylines, outfits, soundtrack and of course: Chuck Bass. It is quite obvious that in comparison to 90210, the writers have always put a little more thought into the dialogues and characters. However, Ive kinda lost interest in Gossip Girl lately, since they dont seem to be able tocome up with new storylines . For the past seasons, its been all about Blair and Chuck, and seriously its getting boring.

Soo, if you ask me <strong> 90210 wins! </strong>

<em> Share your thoughts: </em>
<ol> <li>Which show do you love more?</li>
<li>If you could star in either 90210 or Gossip Girl, would you move to the Upper East Side or to Beverly Hills? </li> </ol>


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